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Schedule cron jobs with WordPress

Here is how to run a cron job on at a specific interval by using Wordpress build in wp_schedule_event() function.

WordPress pagination without plugins

WP-PageNavi is definitely one of the most popular WordPress plugins and in fact, it is very useful. But did you know that since version 2.1, WordPress had a built-in function called paginate_links(), which can be used to create to paginate your blog without using any plugin? Today, let’s see how to use this handy function …

Change WordPress Login Logo

A quick little snippet to change the standard wordpress login logo to something of your own liking.

Add Excerpts to Pages

Add excerpts functionality to your pages, like in posts.

How to add a WordPress search form to a specific wp_nav_menu

Adding this snippet to the functions.php of your wordpress theme will add the search form to your wordpress wp_nav_menu. Don’t forget to update the MENU-NAME to specify the menu you wish to display within, just in case you have multiple menus.