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This snippet allows you to show the current local time in the local language the WordPress installation has been configured to use. Learn how to restrict WordPress media library access to user’s own uploads. This WordPress snippet will allow you to show the image caption for the featured image in your WordPress posts without using a plugin. Here is a little snippet that enables you to display the total numbers of WordPress posts for a specific custom post type. This WordPress snippet will allow you to insert WordPress shortcodes into your theme-/templates – using WordPress built-in function do_shortcode() This snippet will let you define a new default excerpt length for the WordPress excerpts output. The following example will set the default excerpt length to 20 characters. This WordPress snippet will let you show a list of post by a specific user. This is useful if you for example want to show post from a specific user on Custom Post Types etc. Custom post types are not included in the WordPress search results by default – this snippet allows specific custom post types to be queried and searched by WordPress. How to output content based on WordPress meta fields – and use conditions (statements) based on wether or not the meta fields has data This snippet will use WordPress built-in “mobile detect” function “wp_is_mobile” to create a simple shortcode that can hide certain parts of your content from mobile visitors and-/or desktop visitors.