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How to include specific custom post types in WordPress search results

Custom post types are not included in the WordPress search results by default - adding this snippet to you...
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How to display content for mobile- or desktop only using WordPress “wp_is_mobile”.

Did you know that you can use WordPress built-in “mobile detect” function wp_is_mobile to create a simple shortcode that...
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How to display WordPress “site name” and “description” in templates

To display the Wordpress site(blog) name and description - you can add the following to your template.
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How to Disable the WordPress JSON REST API without plugin

The WordPress JSON REST API can be useful for developers building apps using WordPress. Other site owners may find...
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How to get WordPress featured image source (src)

With the WordPress function: wp_get_attachment_image_src, you can get the src of the featured image. Instructions Add this code to...