How to customize a WordPress theme

Are you looking for WordPress themes for the website and cannot find a proper one? Below you’ll find all you may want to know about the customization of WordPress themes with the view to adding some chic to your website.

Simply put, the theme defines how your WordPress website looks to customers. WordPress as a flexible CMS platform provides many opportunities to change the appearance according to your individual needs and taste. The major part of these methods is quite straightforward and does not require any previous experience.

Key ways to customize the WordPress layout

If you are a site administrator, there are many ways to change the appearance of a website. All you need to do is customize it or use WordPress (WP) theme editor. Themes affect the appearance of the site and how easy it will be for you to change anything about it.

In order to decrease the time spent on the customizing WP theme, it’s worth selecting the one that best reflects the goals of your site. For example, consider searching for some corporate and business-oriented WordPress themes if you have a corporate website. The same refers to creating websites, tech ones, and online shops. In this case, you’ll need less editing and work after the installation.

Besides, there is a need to remember that certain themes can be customized easier than others. Some available themes are minimal in implementation and need customization with the help of additional codes and special plugins. Others, however, are more complicated. With the WP theme installed, you can start changing it in line with your taste and personal needs. Here is what you can do to customize the theme.

What to do to customize the WP theme?

There are many ways how you can personalize the WordPress theme. They include the next ones:


Before you change the theme itself, you should consider whether it would be better to make changes using a WordPress plugin. If you want to change the functionality of your site, using plugins can be your number one choice. They can help you with tasks such as:

  • The performance of the website;
  • Search engine optimization:
  • Elements and components of design, such as images.

There is no doubt that you can also add some additional elements to the theme on your own. However, plugins are perhaps more powerful and easy to introduce. Besides, they are not likely to ruin anything in your site. In addition, plugins are saved separately from the theme, so you can continue working if you choose to change themes again.

The customizer

The simplest way to directly change the WordPress theme is with the help of the customizer, which is a tool that administrators use to alter the styling of the current theme without doing anything to the code. Select the option “customize” in the dashboard and start the process of editing. There is also a preview option on different sizes of the screen. Depending on the theme you’ve chosen, the customizer panel will consist of various items, even though as a rule, you can change the basic things like the website’s identity, which includes:

  • Title;
  • Tagline;
  • Logo;
  • Color choice.

In addition, there is also a pair of important tabs on the panel. These are the theme options and additional CSS. If you’re comfortable with CSS, additional CSS will be the most suitable place to add some personalized CSS to your website’s page components with no need to edit the files directly.

Page builders

In order to ensure easy page construction, you should use page builders. It’s a WordPress plugin that helps to improve the page and interface, making it simpler to modify the layout. The most popular page builders include:

  • WPBakery;
  • Elementor;
  • Beaver Builder, etc.

Rearranging the elements on the page is also easy. You only need to drag them around with the mouse, while the page builder will make the necessary changes in the underlying code.