Best managed WordPress hosting of 2022

WordPress is the most popular CMS in the world. More than 50% of sites are created on this engine. WordPress hosting can be either regular (free or paid) or specialized. Check the best-managed WordPress hosting of 2022 in the article below.

Why Is It Convenient to Work with WordPress?

Most of today’s websites are based on the WordPress content management system (CMS). This applies to blogs and private websites, as well as commercial websites (especially stores based on WooCommerce and Shopper templates and plugins) and even some large websites (such as news). However, a website built with WordPress has certain technical requirements, especially speed and performance. This is due to the relatively large number of database queries generated by the system.

WordPress is an open-source CMS, meaning you can use it however you want: download, install, or modify. And all this is free. Themes and extensions can be paid if you want to go for the paid options. The popular CMS WordPress allows you to create a site of any complexity and publish information on it using third-party services and programs.

WordPress is convenient to work with because it is very simple and logical to manage, there are thousands of free themes and plugins for it, and the huge WordPress community will always help you find an answer to any question. WordPress stands out for its simple and user-friendly interface, which makes it easier for the web resource administrator to work. Publications are created very quickly, and the platform itself is installed in 5 minutes.

It is from the hosting (where your site will be physically located) that the speed and stability of its work, attendance, and search results will depend. Because of this, especially close attention to the choice of hosting should be given to companies and organizations whose business website is an important source of income and customer acquisition, and possibly the main one!

What is Managed WordPress Hosting?

Managed WordPress Hosting is a web hosting service that is specifically designed to provide optimized and reliable hosting for WordPress websites.

Unlike traditional web hosting services, Managed WordPress Hosting is specifically tailored to the needs of WordPress users. It typically includes pre-installed WordPress software, automatic updates, security features, caching, and other optimizations that are specifically designed to improve the performance and security of WordPress websites.

In addition, Managed WordPress Hosting typically provides expert technical support from WordPress experts who can help with issues related to the platform, such as plugin compatibility, theme customization, and other WordPress-specific issues.

Overall, Managed WordPress Hosting is an ideal choice for those who want to focus on creating and managing content on their WordPress website, rather than dealing with the technical aspects of hosting and maintenance.

Which Are the Best Managed WordPress Hosting of 2022-2023?

Before choosing a provider, you should familiarize yourself with the ratings of various companies, and read reviews. This is not always easy because each provider tries to describe itself as the most relevant. Take a look at three of the hostings for WP managing:

  1. WPEngine.

The company WPEngine has been providing unparalleled service in the field of website hosting for many years. Flexible technical settings, professional support service, and an attractive pricing policy with many promotions and bonuses are just a small part of the benefits that WPEngine customers will receive. With servers located in four countries, you can be sure that your website will load quickly in the region you want.

2. SiteGround.

In addition to first-class technical capabilities, SiteGroud can offer several internal services to make life easier for webmasters, as well as fine-tune many features. Accordingly, the page loading speed is very high, but you can learn more about this in our detailed review. And for those who are looking at SiteGroud as hosting for their projects, we can say that it will be a good choice.

3. Cloudways.

Most often, beginners use the Cloudways platform to create their blogs. But, if desired, they can be transformed into online stores, news resources, portfolios, or something else. One of the main advantages is that the fastest australian wordpress hosting is extremely easy to master. Pages load quickly and almost without delay, so visitors stay on the site with pleasure. Enterprise-class protection works non-stop, so your site is always safe.