How to embed videos into your WordPress website?

Videos are an integral part of any blog or information resource. Thanks to them, the perception of content is greatly enhanced: studying instructions and manuals is always more productive when they are supported by relevant videos. If you have a WordPress site under your control, then the most convenient way to upload clips is through YouTube. Let’s talk in today’s article about how it all works.

Why Should You Include Video in Your WordPress Marketing Arsenal?

The Internet is developing more and more every day. Today, users want not only to read texts but also to see various graphic elements and various interactive gadgets and also watch videos directly from web pages. In many cases, this creates additional convenience for the user (for example, when he can watch a video instruction) or simply makes his stay on the web resource more exciting.

WordPress is one of the most widely used blogging software in the world. A thoughtful combination of templates and plugins allows you to expand the possibilities of this content management system (CMS) almost endlessly – from a store, forum, or lexicon service to an online magazine or an illustrated product catalog. Depending on the business needs of your application and the expected number of visitors, you should choose a hosting platform that provides enough performance to quickly create a page.

Today you will learn how to embed video in wordpress. Video is one of the most important elements of website content. It can be a product review, music video, or news. People don’t like to read. Everyone prefers to watch. Watching a video, a visitor can stay on the site for hours, improving page performance. There are paid and free templates available for WordPress website owners to customize the look and feel. And with the help of plugins, you can solve technical tasks, and provide the necessary functionality of the site.

The Easiest Way of Embedding Videos to Your WordPress Website

Creating a website with this guide does not require great technical skills. WordPress will be installed automatically; all basic settings will be done through the control panel interface of Hosting and through the WordPress admin area.

Uploading videos on WordPress can be done in 4 ways: manually, from a computer, using code, or a special plugin. First, you need to create a new post (page) and then add a video block to it. You can do this in the following way:

  1. Open the WordPress admin panel and select “Posts” -> “Add New” in the left menu.
  2. Now let’s add a new block for placing videos. To do this, in the upper left corner of the record editing window, click on the plus icon. In the window that appears, enter the query “Video” and select the desired block.
  3. For clarity, let’s add a small heading, “Look at this!”. Here you can write anything. Then pay attention to the block that appears below – it contains all the functionality we need.

Regarding special plugins, we will add them if any special effects are not required; it is better without them. You overload the site with unnecessary plugins. The search and setting up of the plugin itself will take much more time than simply uploading the video. It is impossible to give preference to one method unambiguously. All content elements are wrapped in a block. WordPress comes with blocks for all common content elements like paragraphs, columns, images, galleries, widgets, and more.